How we conduct and lead competitive intelligence in China

YCP Solidiance's area of expertise covers the China heavy industrial, manufacturing, construction related industries, healthcare, telecommunications and green tech sectors. We can of course intervene in different industries and we have occasionally covered the China FMCG and agriculture sectors too amongst others. 

Our China in-house consultants are rigorously trained to gather, analyze, and manage external information your company needs - including understanding your competitors and the competitive environment. This is, in no small part, due to the following key points:

Competitive intelligence ChinaFormalized processes, thorough delivery

Our team assesses the evolution and developments of your China competitors, so that it allows for advanced identification of competitive risks and opportunities that are likely to arise in doing business in China. Because we do not use freelancers, temp staff, interns and other outsourcing mode, we can invest in training our own people to master the art of obtaining competitive intelligence in China.

Chinese competitors analysisChina Competitive Insights, yet with full ethics

We conduct our methods by doing legal collection and analysis of information regarding the capabilities and intentions of business competitors. Supporting some of the worlds' leading Fortune 500 companies who subscribe to high standards of business performance ethics, we proudly adopt the same level of professionalism in working on our clients' behalf. We abide to the code of conducts  of Esomar and SCIP. With us the "China Wall" takes a whole load dimension.  To put our money where our mouth is, we usually sign our contracts and NDAs under HK or Singapore law to ease your enforcement. Yes, we are that confident we will not fail.

China Competitive strategyChina flavor, Asia impact

One of our main strengths lies in the foundation of our unique Asia Pacific capabilities and network. We pride ourselves in having a proficient team that are not only well-versed in Mandarin, but also have a great awareness of the Chinese industry and local cultures. Should you need our services outside China, we have several other Asia offices ready to support your Asia competitive intelligence needs .

Pilar DieterAn interview with Pilar Dieter, Principal Greater China:

Competitive intelligence has in fact been proven to help companies in leveraging their worth and growth in the business. This being said, our Principal for China Office, Pilar Dieter, uravels her thoughts on how China Competitive Intelligence can truly help clients gain their competitive edge and growth in the Chinese market.


Q. What differs China Competitive Intelligence from other intelligence service providers?

A.  Our staff are not pure market researchers - instead, we are a group of analysts trained in elicitation techniques that lead to a dialogue, rather than a question and answer structure when learning about key players in an industry. Our results reflect thoughtful perspectives and revealing ambitions of the companies we aim to profile due to the nature of our exchange with them. We keep the key players relaxed and interested rather than defensive in answering our questions.

Q. Can you share a case in point to demonstrate how Competitive Intelligence can significantly drive growth and gain business advantage in the Chinese market?

A.  Learning about the "up and comers" (i.e. Chinese competitors who were quickly gaining market share in both the domestic and global markets) in our client's industry, we began to uncover some potential synergies that could be achieved if these competitors joined forces with our client. Evaluating OEM, JV or acquisition alternatives with some of these partners, our client's aim was not to simply remove the competitor from the industry, but rather to capitalize on their market access, distribution channel and "fit for market" product.

Q. How does China Competitive Intelligence measure its success and effectiveness in the market?

A.  In China, any new idea has a very short life span. Copycat products are rampant and the only way for firms to compete in this growing and dynamic market is to remain creative. To truly stay ahead of competition it is critical to not only look internally at continuously improving product and position, but it also matters for companies to understand how their competitors and the indirect participants in the market (suppliers, distributors, etc) plan to respond to the expected changes in the industry. We, of course, evaluate our effectiveness by tracking the improvements in the market share our client gains, but also in tracking the new verticals the channels our clients can capture due to our findings.

Q. Why is Competitive Intelligence now a pivotal element of business strategy needed by firms in China?

A.  Most industries in China have an upper echelon of few top tier players with premium product and brand, while at the opposite end of the spectrum is a highly fragmented pool of producers of cheaper products competing primarily on prices with admittedly poorer quality products. As consolidation occurs throughout the market and the cheaper producers strive to improve their quality and remain price-competitive, the top tier players will experience even greater competitive threat and must continuously tune in to the plans and moves made by their competitors and the participants (distributors, suppliers, system integrators, etc.) supporting the competitor in China.

Q. When do firms in China actually need Competitive Intelligence, and why would China Competitive Intelligence be the right option?

A.  Before entry, during operation, and at the onset of introducing a new product and as a gauge during product/service roll out to evaluate competitor response. Since we know that competitors evolve and respond to market dynamics, having intelligence on what they are doing, thinking and how they are evolving is a continuous activity that happens at virtually every stage of a firm's evolution. China Competitive Intelligence can provide these insights at a snapshot point in time or on a recurring / refresh basis over an extended period. Ultimately, our clients choose China Competitive Intelligence because of our ability to understand the macro economic trends impacting the industry and analyze the actions and behavior of the competitors in the context of these shifts. Our thorough and more complete approach to understanding competitors requires a natural curiosity for what drives the market and why these competitors and key players have chosen the paths they have.