China Competitive Intelligence

SolidianceIn China, the fast-changing and fragmented marketplace gives way to a fierce competition between two broad categories of players in the competitive landscape: premium brand players who are typically foreign companies or Chinese firms producing high quality product sometimes on-par with that of their multinational counterparts, and local players - sometimes highly fragmented with hundreds, of providers - producing cheaper product for the more "price-sensitive, less quality conscious" buyer. To have a clear understanding of the Greater China competitive landscape in which any company aims to compete requires a deep knowledge of the Chinese manufacturing terrain and the USP of key & emerging competitors in the market.

Our professionals at China Competitive Intelligence help you make sound business decisions by understanding the China competitive dynamics across the Middle Kingdom, collect and analyze detailed information about your China competition from public and internal sources, as well as summarize findings to provide factual decision support insights. Our clients in China have come to find that competitive advantage requires more than a simple understanding of the direct competitive players occupying market share in the region, but it also comes with a detailed comprehension of the regulatory terrain that play to the favor or disfavor is certain players in varying provinces across the country. Having true competitive awareness of how players in China excel in your industry requires a complete evaluation of the entire China ecosystem in which your business participates. That level of understanding can only come from high-caliber, locally networked, culturally sensitive, ethical, and acutely aware professionals who have worked with multinationals exploring their competitive position in one of the world's fastest growing markets.

This structured competitive intelligence approach has been proven to help our Fortune 500 clients in leveraging their companies' worth and growth in the business, with a repeat engagement rate of 90%.

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Some of the China Competitive Intelligence services we offer:

  • China competitive landscape
  • Competitive intelligence China
  • China customers intelligence
  • China medical equipment Competitive intelligence
  • China competitive intelligence training
  • Chinese competitors analysis
  • China competitor profiling
  • China Competitive strategy
  • China counterintelligence
  • China telecom Competitive intelligence
  • China manufacturing competitive intelligence
  • China hospital Competitive intelligence
  • China competitor benchmarking
  • China construction materials competitive intelligence
  • China healthcare competitive intelligence
  • China oil & gas competitive intelligence
  • China power competitive intelligence
  • China chemicals competitive intelligence