China Competitive Intelligence Services

China competitive intelligence is a value-added concept that layers over the top of your China business development, your China market research, and your China strategic planning.

With that in mind, our team possesses on-the-ground access and insights necessary to delve into the core of your competitors and use these findings to get a hold on to the scope of the sector in which your company is interested in capturing. Moreover, we are also dedicated in being 100% engaged to the project at hand. Unlike other firms, we do not outsource our work to guaranty confidentiality, ethics, quality and project timeframe.

We are veterans of Competitive Intelligence in Asia and particularly in China. We are not learning the process on the client's expense. We have completed hundreds of short and long assignments in the field of Competitive intelligence, so we know what is feasible, ethical and what is not. As such we do not work on "best efforts" basis. We commit and we deliver.

Our competitive intelligence service is based on the ethical combing of the marketplace by conducting in-depth interviews with decision makers. We collect China competitive intelligence, triangulate it, cross check it, verify it and make sense out of it.

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Clients to come us to understand and address these tactical questions:

  • Who are our competitors in China ? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • How are our China competitors manufacturing their products ?
  • Where our Chinese competitors sourcing their raw materials ? How much is China competition investing in R&D? Why did my US competitors enter the Chinese market against all odds ?
  • Why our China competitors made such acquisition ?
  • When will our China competitors catch up with us?
  • How are my China competitors organized to win? What can I learn from my Competition in China?
  • What is the distribution and supply chain structure of my key China competitor?
  • What is the product development pipe and launch capacity of my Shanghai-based competitors?
  • How do my China competitors find talent, remunerate talent and retain talent?
  • Are the customers of my China competitors happier with them or with us and why?
  • What are our China competitors better at? What can we learn from them? How do we stack against out Chinese competitors?
  • How is our China competition performing financially? What is their estimated margins and profitability?
  • What is our China competitive advantage in the market? How is the competition viewing us?
  • How do we monitor our key competitors in China?
  • What are the gaps and competitive blindspots of our competitors we can leverage in China?

Industries we regularly cover in China

China Competitive Intelligence











  • Automation & control
  • Building / construction materials
  • Fluid, pump, & valve manufacturing
  • Industrial equipment & machinery
  • Base
  • Specialty
  • Biotechnology / life science
  • Medical Devices & diagnostics
  • Hospitals and healthcare services
Oil & Gas
  • Downstream
  • Lubricants
High Tech & Electronics
  • Computing hardware, software, & peripherals
  • Network equipment
  • Semiconductors & electronic devices
  • Consumer electronics
  • Commercial / leisure vehicles
  • Trucks and heavy load
  • Motorbikes
  • Automotive aftermarket
  • Enterprise
  • Broadband
  • Wireless
  • Mobile
Media & Entertainment
  • Broadband entertainment
  • Broadcasting
  • Gaming
  • Interactive media
  • e-commerce
  • Motion pictures